atHome Project and Festivals
Across Oceans Arts - atHome Project and Festivals
Rage Project
Across Oceans Arts - Rage Project
Dynamic Spaces
Dynamic Spaces: (2014-2019) Live performance/ Architecture/Urban Planning: with Federajica Danza Slovenia.

How do we exist in spaces; how do spaces determine how we exist; does conscious decision-making when planning (architect / choreographer) play out in reality? site-specific performances & symposia.
The Memory Project
Across Oceans Arts - The Memory Project
VeryShort Stories Collection
VeryShort Stories Collection
Wakefulness In A Tiring Time
Wakefulness In A Tiring Time
Harbour Symphony
Harbour Symphony in Patras (GR), 2006
Time for Action is Now
Boat Ballet in Budapest Park
Boat Ballet
Soup Of The Day
Across Oceans Arts - Soup Of The Day
Process Online
Across Oceans Arts - Process Online
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