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Harbour Symphony

Harbour Symphony

2006, music / community. For the European City of Culture Festival 2006, Patras, Greece. 

Across Oceans Arts - Harbour Symphony, Patras, Greece, 2006

Harbour Symphony in the harbour of Patras Greece commissioned by the European City of Culture Festival 2006.

Across Oceans orchestrated 12 commercial ships to sail into and dock at the central city harbour to host 50 youth onboard to play the ships’ horns in a wild symphony heard by the whole city of Patras.



Composer: Rob Power

Production: Christos Giotis, Alexis Latsis (for EU City of Culture)

Artistic direction: Maxine Heppner with Atalanti Mouzouri

Performers: The Boy and Girl Scouts and Cubs of Patras

The Ships:  Antiron ferry services, Minoan Ferry lines, fisherman and vessels of the Patras harbour

(Use-of-concept by permission of the Sound Symposium, Newfoundland).

media gallery

Harbour Symphony, Patras, 2006: Media Gallery

Harbour Symphony, Patras, 2006
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