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verySHORT STORY collection 

2014-15: Dance / Literary Arts

Across Oceans - verySHort Story collection

Serenity, Inspiration, Compassion, Determination, Apology, Joy, Burden, Anger, Desire, Love, Kiss, Future, Past, Present.


Which experiences do we keep personal, which become shared stories?


Public wrote stories based on main themes of the show “Old Stories”.  110 stories were submitted; 80 stories, real and imaginary, that encapsulated one of these moments in time, were exhibited in the show's lobby.

All participants participated in complimentary movement-storytelling workshops. The verySHORT STORY Collection is now online. (Scroll down to download) 

This verySHORT STORY collection reaches from the physical and image experience of dance across to the literary experience of the written word; from one’s private experience across to the public domain.

The collection was compiled in Jan-Feb 2015 through a public invitation connected to the premiere of "Moments in Time" a solowork that expresses through dance those 14 moments of experience in a person's life.

Stories were received from across Canada and worldwide, individuals sharing their personal moments in time.

ACROSS OCEANS is dedicated to explorations of the links across arts and humanities, across generations, gender, and heritage.

The verySHORT STORIES in this Collection deepens our connections.

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