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in creation

Love Song For Antonio

for 2021 premiere

         “I met your father well before I met you. A little girl, in the 60’s, I discovered a tiny book on my parents’ bookshelves, filled with his woodcut prints. I loved it immediately. It drew me onto wings of flocks of birds filling blue skies, into despairing depths of lines tracing fishermen’s faces, under skirts of sweet dancing women, and deep into their houses. I loved the anticipation of opening the front cover, the disturbance I felt when I returned the book to its place and the name “love lyrics”.

Heppner (dance-media) and Frasconi (music) have co-created performances since the mid 1970’s, including My past follows like a dragon’s tail (Dora nominated and danced by Yvonne Ng, ) and one of Heppner’s signature solos Give us this day our daily and as principle ensemble collaborators in the international award winning Shadowlight production In Xanadu. In 2011 Miguel and Maxine performed First Steps at Toronto’s Somewhere There performance series as a first step to a new work. When artists-in-residence at Brock University in 2013 they researched and performed their first movement-sound interpretations of Antonio Frasconi's images in the book Love Lyrics. At ArrayMusic in 2017 they revealed the first phase for the work.  Beginnings of a Love Song for Antonio is an ode to the passion and visions of Miguel’s father,master woodcut artist Antonio Frasconi. 

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