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atHome project and festivals

atHome project and festivals

exploring the art of collaboration


Where do we meet?
How do we work?
What do we create?

the AtHome Project 2000-2003

The AtHOME festival project ran from 2000 – 2003. Over 200 artists and the general public interacted through open studios, exhibitions, performances, screenings, symposia, discussions and forums to consider what the word “collaboration” actually means for art-making and people making art.

Our main Question? How does work actually get done across disciplines, generations, cultures and, ultimately, between people?


Participants represented arts creation in Canada, USA, Finland, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Greece, VietNam, Indonesia, Singapore, Venezuela, Mexico, India.


Festival themes were:

2003: Spontaneous creation

2002: Music is a physical art

2001: Dance in the arts: the arts in dance


is the atHome Festivals' publication, summing experience gained during the 3 years of the atHome Festivals.  

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atHome 2003

atHome festival 2003

May 12 – 31, 2003
Produced by Across Oceans
in cooperation with
Kaeja d’Dance and The Distillery Jazz Festival Toronto Canada

Theme: Spontaneous Creation


Susan Lee, Jessica Runge, Louis Laberge-Cote, Maxine Heppner,
Sallie Lyons, Karen Kaeja, Allen Kaeja (dance)
St. Elementary Dirt Band (music)
Sonora New Music Ensemble (music)
Motria Sabat (visuals)

WORKSHOPS at Dancemakers studio

Each of 7 days led by one movement artist, introducing approach and ways used for improvisation and improvisational choreography
Collaborative development of performance scores
Development and tests of performance scores with music ensembles
Improvise and remember

DISCUSSIONS at Dancemakers studio, Transac Club, Distillery District rehearsal hall

Difference between improvisation and improvisational choreography
Known dance, known music reconstructed into something…new?
When music leads how does dance follow?
When dance leads can music support without defining content?
Constructing without locking


PERFORMANCES May 23, 30, 31

dance/music live performance The Distillery Jazz Festival
including live videography and writing



editing of documentation of workshops, discussions and performance collaborations

atHome 2002

atHome festival 2002

April 18-28, 2002
Produced by Across Oceans Hosted by The Music Gallery Toronto Canada

Theme: Music is a physical art


Tran Quang Hai (music)
Garnett Willis (music, sound installations)
John Sharpley (music)
Claude Smith (visual arts)
Blake Parker (spoken word, writer)
Maxine Heppner (movement, interdisciplinary art)
Mark Trautman, Maryse Castets (music, opera)
Canon Cook (interdisciplinary)
Motria Sabat, Christos Giotis (videography)

Guest Speakers

Andrew Timar (music : European and S.E Asian)
Vivine Scarlett (African dance)


Sing like an Angel: Tran Quang Hai (two-tone and overtone singing)
Inuit Drum, Dance and Song: Tracy and Lynda Brown, Siqiniup Qilauta (The Sun’s Drum)
Preparing from inside out Maxine Heppner (cycles in time, movement, sound) (daily movement, drawing, sound)      with Jess Runge, Louis Laberge Cote, Claude Smith
Sound in Colour : Claude Smith (visual art)
Master Class: Mark Trautmann, Maryse Castets
Mysterious movements of sound waves: Garnett Willis
Rap and Rhyme: Blake Parker (spoken word) York University Fiine Arts
Music, Dance and Music and drawing? together? all artists-in-residence York U Fine Arts
Master Class: Ellen Band (finding, composing, embodying music)
Musical, physical and back again: John Sharpley (piano)


Let Harp and Colour Move: Across Oceans production at The Music Gallery with Garnet Willis Clusterflux,

     Claude Smith (paint), John Sharpley (piano), Wiryawan Padmonojati (gamelan)
Radio in the Dark: Christian Calon, Chantal Dumas (sound recordings) Across Oceans production at t. Music Gallery

Music to See co-curated by Vicky Chainey Gagnon and Loop collective (film/video) and Maxine Heppner: films by      

     Richard Reeves, Norman Maclaren, Evelyn Lambart, Dwinell Grant, Garine Tarossian, Humphrey Jennins, Len Lye,

     Isabella Pruska-Oldenhof, Stan Brakhage, Across Oceans production at The Music Gallery

Secret Songs: Tran Quang Hai (two-tone and overtone song) Across Oceans Production at The Music Gallery
Tapestry New Opera: Opera to Go production at Isabelle Bader Theatre
Marie Josee Chartier choreographs Dancemakers Production at Premier Dance Theatre Harbourfront
Ellen Band Ensemble (music & performance) The Music Gallery production
The Unknown Songs of Erik Satie: Janet Jackson (vocals) Eve Egoyan (piano) The Music Gallery production
Duets for Dance and Piano: John Sharpley (piano) Maxine Heppner (dance) Blake Parker (poetry)

     Across Oceans production at The Music Gallery
Crème de la Crème: Soup of the Day dance and sound improvisations with Jessica Runge, Julia Sasso,
     Karen Kaeja, Sallie Lyons, Maxine Heppner, Across Oceans production at The Music Gallery



Elders, Mentors, and Young Upstarts: dialogue across generations discussing the role of elders and mentors in new creations group The Music Gallery 

Geography, experience and art-making: Is there an East and West in Art? Where do North and South divide? And other questions of location and art. group Indigo Café 

Operatic voice evolving through time and place: Mark Trautmann l’Alliance Francais

Road Music with Christian Callon (electronic music). Opera Zone CIUT Radio: discussion



editing of documentation of workshops, discussions and performance collaborations

atHome 2001

atHome festival 2001

May 28 – June 17, 2001
Produced by Across Oceans Hosted by York University Faculty of Fine Arts

Theme: Dance in the arts: the arts in dance


Rachel Cooper, Asia Society , New York City,
Kay Flavell, New Pacific Studios Pacific Rim

Grant Strate


Joanna Das (Kathak dance) and Blake Parker (spoken word)
Grindl Kuchirka (clown), Oliver Schorer (music), Charlie (dog clown)
Hanafi (visual art), R.W.Stevenson (music), Maxine Heppner (dance, interdisciplinary),
Jessica Runge (contemporary dance)
Elizabeth Langley (mentor of training participants)

Kaeja d’Dance (contemporary dance) with Edgardo Moreno (music)

co-produced with Holmgang (visual art )and Jyri Suominen (lighting)

Weekly Schedule


Daily physical training led by Elizabeth Langley 9:30-10:30
Workshops with artists-in-residence 10:30–12, 2-4
Daily studios/rehearsals for observation of actual process
Lunchtime and happy hour discussions 1-2, 4-5
Evening performances/exhibits

WORKSHOP THEMES (2 sessions each)

Contact, interact, create: Kaeja d’Dance company
Lighting as rhythm, time and form Jyri Suonimen
Rhythm in Kathak: Joanna Das
Music with sticks and bones: Edgardo Moreno
Body in Language: Blake Parker
Characterization: Grindl Kuchirka
Colour in Space: Hanafi
Performance energy is a cyclic path: Maxine Heppner
Making music from the inside : R.W. Stevenson
Integrating Information Elizabeth Langley



Creation in intense environments guest Grant Strate
Collaborative natures MC Maxine Heppner
Elements across disciplines general
Movement in all the arts general
Collaborating across species (demo) Grindl Kuchirka and Charlie the Dog
Collaborating with administration guest Linda Clouette-McKay
Demonstrations/discussion of each artist group’s research


Exhibition of Holmgang visual art (Sweden) Across Oceans production at Joe Green Foyer
Pre-premiere “Resistance” Kaeja d’Dance, Across Oceans production at Joe Green Theatre
“Small Midnight” Moonhorse Dance Theatre production
     works by Claudia Moore, Ted Robinson Artword Theatre
Toronto Tabla Ensemble music production at duMaurier Theatre Harbourfront
ArrayMusic Young Composers’ Concert production at The Music Gallery
One2One Gallery and Across Oceans' exhibit of Hanafi’s paintings and performance with
      Padmonojati: Javanese mask dance and “Study for Distance”: Stevenson, Runge, Heppner
“Older and Reckless” production of dances by Holly Small, Danny Grossman, Maxine Heppner,

     Viv Moore, Claudia Moore at Dancemakers Theatre


SYMPOSIA:  Collaborations as global ecology

Art away from Home
How do we work and understand each other

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