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book & dvd

Writings On Collaboration

Reflections on how, why and how we collaborate

By artists of the 2001-03 AtHOME project

Now in collections of over 350 libraries internationally.

235 page book/dvd
ISBN 978-0-9782194-0-6

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Including thoughts and writings from Blake Parker, Rebecca Todd, Megan Andrews, Claude Smith, Jyri Suominen, John Sharpley, Tina Park, Karen Kaeja, Allen Kaeja, Lata Pada, Grindl Kuchirka, Vicky Chainey Gagnon, Kay Flavell, Motria Sabat, Christos Giotis, Maxine Heppner, also Oliver Schroer, Rachel Cooper, Elizabeth Langley, Trang Quang Hai, Andrew Timar, R.W. Stevenson, Rick Sacks, Cylla von Tiedemann, Canon Cook, Cathy Gordon, Edgardo Moreno, Diane Abbey-Livingston, Selma Odom, Ellen Band, Linda Caitlin-Smith, Hanafi, Jennifer Watkins, Joanna da Souza, Jessica Runge, Katherine Duncanson and others.

Reaching to bridge myths and realities about working in collaborative projects, The AtHOME Project and Festival was produced in Toronto Canada in May 28 to June 17, 2001, April 2002 and May 2003. Over 200 contemporary artists who have been making collaborative artwork for many years gathered their combined experience (see note*) to uncover, expose and examine how collaborative work is done. Our goal was to share this information with newer generations of collaborators and with our public.


There were shows, open studios, symposia, classes and one-on-one sessions. Senior artists, emerging and pre-professional artists, and our public shared experiences together and spoke frankly about the realities of collaboration, creation, meaning and internationalism in today’s world. The project included writers-in-residence and documentary videographers. Artists who were so inclined also contributed their written and visual reflections. This collection of writings and companion DVD record the discoveries.

(*) rough calculation made one day at a break= 1000+ years of experience. 





  • Ways We Collaborate

  • Two Models For Collaboration And A Manifesto

  • Boundary Crossings

  • On Collaboration

  • Rant In B Minor


  • Rhythm: Body And Words

  • Lighting And Landscape

  • Art, News and Trendiness

  • …on approaching my art and life

  • Where Do Ideas Come From?

  • Duets For Dance And Piano

  • Where Do We Meet?


  • Creating On Trust

  • Structured Innovations

  • Revealed By Fire

  • Blues for the Night Sky And G-Spot Variations

  • How To build A Hermitage: New Pacific Studios

  • The Influence of Place

  • Just A Little More On Geography

  • Choosing Partners the EU Way

  • Wobbling Across Cultures


  • The Importance of Play

  • Games: Perceptions, Preconceptions, Symbols

  • The Inquisitive Approach

  • Essentials to Work, Interact, Create

  • What Does One Need to Work?

  • How To Start?

  • A few Ways to Begin…And Eventually Finish

  • Tensions and Frictions

  • Experiencing Others

  • Information Overload

  • When It Isn’t Working

  • Moving Forward Through Blocks

  • A Challenge About Presumed Truths


  • Documentary About The Project

  • Conversations: Artists Speaking

  • Images atHOME: ten videos

companion video
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Writings on Collaboration


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