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Rage Project

Rage Project

2010-12. Performance, media, film, visual arts, social studies.

Across Oceans Arts - Rage Project

Expressions of Rage in Art & Society.

Artists, social scientists, activists;


Maxine Heppner, Takako Segawa, Ida Meftahi, T.Nikki Cesar-Schotsko, Fujimoto Takayuki, Janina Kowalski, Antje Budde, Steven Bush, Helen Chilas, Jesse Dobkin,  David Fancy,  Mavis Himes, Fran Khanna, Mark Khanna, Catherine Marion, Yuki Nakamura, Jerome de la Pierre,  Jiv Parasram, Shokoufeh Sakhi, Troy Emery Twigg,

More information:  coming

Main events

The Rage Roundtable : symposium at University College Drama at the University of Toronto: research Sept-Dec 2010. 

My Heart is a Spoon: dance-media show and film festival at The Theatre Centre: Feb 2012.

Workshops:  new technologies in theatre Lighting for the 21st Century

Talks: Dancing Manga, Languages of image and movement

Cooperations included The Japan Foundation, The Theatre Centre, Sephanic Arts Japan, University College Drama at the University of Toronto, Brock University, Speaking of Lacan, Stuart Wright Gallery, Danceworks CoWorks, Kinsei R&D, Dance Cream Japan, Across Oceans Arts

My Heart Is A Spoon: Sponsors

This project was made possible through the generous support of The Japan Foundation, Canada Council for the Arts, The Theatre Centre, the Stuart Jackson Gallery.

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