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Process Online

Process Online


Across Oceans Arts - Process Online
Sourcing online resources on artistic process. 

You know that moment. It's an extraordinary artwork, performance, experience and you think .....

“ HOW did he/she actually come up with that?

...what is ACTUALLY going on here to make me feel this way?"

PROCESS ONLINE offers leads to online resources

specifically about  collaborative processes

in the arts and related disciplines,
so we learn from the past,
to create and innovate now.

Originating  Group

Maxine Heppner, Jiv Parasram with Alexi Marchel, Zoe Ludski, Elise Chalmers, Sarah Chodos


Bruce Barton, Tamara Trojanowski, DanceCollectionDanse

Researched in  2010 in cooperation with University College Drama Program, University of Toronto. 


An invitation to continue for yourself ...

1. WHOSE creative ways are you interested in knowing more about?
2. If you could spend a day with that person...What exactly would you like to know more about? What questions would you ask? How would you observe?
3. If you were being interviewed, what questions would best help you describe Your actual internal creative process?

Online Resources (PDF)

A start to finding what we artists and researchers really want to know from those we admire.**

**  "Admire” as in really admire, or worship or would turn into if we could or steal their brain/heart/soul, or, as in brilliant artists very famous, infamous, not famous but better than all the rest,  etc..

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