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artist's statement

artist's statement

Lately I am thinking that : All human communication begins in our bodies with pure movement, sound and image. Art filters these forms through our human intellect to express experiences of spirit, sensation and idea. So all of my work – my choreography, words on pages, images on walls, sounds in air – is fundamentally physical expression.

I am interested in balances between boldness and beauty, formal discipline, detail, brashness, lyricism and rawness. I am interested in direct links between live performance/ performers and audience. In my vision a fourth wall does not exist between artist and audience and often no walls exist between on and off stage. Perception of life through art is always “real”, be it presented in ways that are mundane, ordinary, extraordinary, fantastical.


In my personal practice I identify energetic “force” and “patterns” of physical, visual or aural action, then develop forms that support that energy so that we can make it tangible. Without tangibility there is no art, only ideas and intentions. A tangible expression is received through audiences’ 5 senses and intellect simultaneously, and becomes an actual part of their life experience. The exchange between the art and the audience is real. Some experiences fall away more quickly than others, intentionally, unintentionally. The creators’ job is to make art that their particular audience can engage in.

Maxine Heppner

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