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ways to get by

ways-to-get-by books

Limited edition handmade artbooks created by Maxine Heppner through the inspiration

of Krima:Barrie participants 2014-15

KRIMA!  Barrie 2014-15 had two public offerings- a November performance, and a May gallery installation-exhibit, KRIMA!reflected, that was an immersive environment. Visitors entered a room of floor-&-ceiling photographs and ongoing video projections (images captured at the performances), and various stations with objects to  handle.

For more context, before or after you look at the 6 little books, this link has exhibit image samples (see "media gallery Barrie") and information about the whole KRIMA! program.  >

These 6 books created by Maxine were one of the hand-held elements, inspired by 5 months of discussions and notes of the 100+ project participants who are from all economic and cultural backgrounds, kids, adults, elders.

The 6 Ways to Get By Books are one-of-a-kind hand-crafted with origami paper, cardboard and duct tape, printed on an HB printer. They are purposely the 3 elements of colour, language, and texture (without images).

Visit them in whatever order you like, although Maxine suggests starting with "Poems on rising...".

These digitized versions are NOT perfect.

  • some of the pages are very hard to read so they will have to be re-photographed to be more readable.

  • the textures and colours of the actual books lend a lot to the meaning of words, as does the ability to linger or turn pages at one's own pace. Maxine tried to capture a little of this with the page-curl transition. One can go forward, back and pause the videos by manipulating the play arrow but the tactile pleasure is missing.

  • At the exhibit, all 6 were on a table to pickup and put down at will. One might read a bit of one, switch to another, go back and forth between various ones. Digitized this is more difficult although not impossible if all the vids have loaded and are open. Likely a more normal way will be to open a file, watch it all or partial and then go to another...?? a much more linear experience than was originally intended.​​

Take a look in whatever order you like!!

Each video runs about 1.5 to 2 minutes. You can control the page turns for yourself by pushing pause or pulling the pointer back if a page turns too quickly or too slowly for you. 

with the generous support of

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