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Dances for a man with one leg

“a dialogue between real and imagined self-images.”

“strongly touching – strength in vulnerability”

“very courageous”

description of work

Dances for a man with one leg: Description of work

Dances for a man with one leg 

Research and Creation Commission. Maxine was charged by Lawrence Shapiro, performer of integrated dance-theatre and an advocate for disability arts particularly regarding the amputated body,  to challenge him to extend his physical and expressive abilities into the professional spheres of performance.


Joining them were dance artists Suzanne Liska and Mateo Galindo Torres. Assisting in the process were assistant director Michela Sisti, and mixed-abilities dance specialist Michelle Silagy.

The result was 11 dance sketches – solos, duets and trios – in various dance modes- pure movement, contact dance, self-expression and theatrical interaction, with the goal of revealing to the audience-as-witness the inherent effort in the creation and presentation and the implied political and social content of integrated-dance work. 

Presented as the raw research that it was, at AKI Theatre June 2016, the work bears examination for future iterations.  

For more information about the process and outcomes, please refer to the Across Oceans’ Discovering Dance section.


Dances for a man with one leg: Credits


Maxine Heppner 

Rehearsal Assistant

Michela Sisti

Performers and co-researchers:

Lawrence Shapiro
Suzanne Liska
Mateo Galindo-Torres

Michelle Silagy (process witness)


J.S.Bach, Tom Waits, Natalie Merchant, L.Von Beethoven, 
L. Caitlin-Smith-Evergreen Club, Glen Velez ( SOCAN edu lisc)

Technical Coordination

James Kendal, Christos Giotis, Maxine Heppner

AKI Studio Technician

Matthew Sirna

Aki Studio Front of House

Philip Turkiewicz, Annie Mackay


Michela Sisti, Christos Giotis, Phyllis Whyte

Project Commissioner

Lawrence Shapiro

Project Coordinator

Maxine Heppner


Cooperation with Across Oceans Arts

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Copyright notice 
All material, movements, images and treatments of concepts and themes written, recorded and created in the Discovery project (and in Dances for a man with one leg) is the property of Maxine Heppner.
Rights for use by any other individual or organization can be requested by contacting

media gallery

Dances for a man with one leg: Media Gallery


Dances for a man with one leg: Sponsors

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