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Heron Under Observation

Heron Under Observation

Description of Work

This elegant solo, set to Andrew Timar's "Rasa Sunda" inspired by the Indonesian Tembang Sunda style of kecapi–suling,  premiered in 1994 at the Bali Arts Festival, Denpasar, Indonesia. It has since been performed myriad of times by Maxine and continues to be in her international repertoire. Yvonne Ng was instrumental in further development of the work, often performing it in her early repertoire. The work has also been danced by Indonesian dancer Chendra Effendy. 

About the dance: the music is a beckoning, calling to mind languages of the eyes and experiences of watching, being watched, being under observation.

About the music: A reflection of a particular mood of melancholy perhaps loss, that Timar felt in traditional Tembang Sunda. The suling plays in 2 characteristic modes (laras pelog and sorog) while the kecapi provides a western-leaning framework.


Heron Under Observation: Credits


Maxine Heppner 


Andrew Timar (Rasa Sunda)

played by Andrew Timar (suling), Bill Parsons (kecapi)


Maxine Heppner : costume and set

            Dan Solomon : painting backdrop

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