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description of work

Blossom : Description of work

Commissioned by “Older & Reckless” March 2010

The process

As choreographer I create from internal impulses that I translate into simple motifs that I set on interpreters and then develop as I see the work from the outside. My main question to myself for this project: how I (not external dancers) embody and externalize these internal elements so that an audience sees what I’m imagining and sensing.


This project successfully had me re-enter a new work of my own as both dancer and choreographer, as for the previous 5 years or more my choreography has been ostensibly for other interpreters, and my performance has been small roles within those pieces or remounts of past works.


To this end I set up a process with private practice and creation time and a lot of open feedback time. 


Blossom: Credits

Choreographer / Dancer

Maxine Heppner 

Outside-eye, rehearsal director

Jessica Runge


Denise Fujiwara


Andrew Timar


Andrew Timar, Araz Salek

Theme collaborators

Miguel Frasconi, Takako Segawa


Maxine Heppner

Production associate

Jiv Parasram

Development through Older & Reckless with:

Claudia Moore, Kate Alton, Viv Moore, Sylvie Bouchard, Sashar Zarif, Julia Sasso

Producer of Older & Reckless

MoonHorse Dance Theatres 

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Blossom: Media Gallery

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