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Full List of Creations

Full List of Creations



Beginnings of a Love Song For Antonio (in creation)

inter-medial creation

with composer Miguel Frasconi, dance artist Maxine Heppner

media artist Jerome delaPierre, printmaker Antonio Frasconi,

Feb preview at Array Music Space, Toronto, 



Trio with visual artist Hanafi, dancer Otniel Tasman, Indonesia



Dances for a man with one leg

Trio, 45 min show of research , with Lawrence Shapiro, Native Earth, Toronto



Moments In Time

Solo, 56 min.

Premier Feb Scotiabank StudioTheatre, Dancworks Coworks,

Dora Nomination, Toronto

Old Stories

Ensemble, 9 dancers, 23min, premier Feb, ScotiaBank Studio Theatre, DanceworksCoworks Toronto

Krima Reflected

Performance & intermedial installation,

Art in House Gallery,

Barrie Ontario



Site-specific quartet 60 min. co-creation with Federacija Danza

Llubljana, Slovenia

Krima! Barrie

90 people ensemble, 60 min.

Creative Space, co-pro Simcoe Contemporary Dancers,

Barrie, ON

Beyond a Boundary

Duet & Quartet, 30min co-creation with Dance-Tect.

Performed in Japan at Denaga Space, Hirosaki and Temporary Contemporary, Tokyo.

Here and There

Commission for the Guelph Dance Festival.

55 people ensemble, 40 min at Centennial Park, Guelph, ON.


Voted as the Dance Festival Audience Favorite. 



Solo rap-dance-media, 11 min.

Premier: September


Preview in September.

Past coop w Playwright Workshop of Montreal


My Heart Is A Spoon

Dance-media work, 56 min, Theatre Centre, Toronto


Commission, solo, 8 min, Porchview dances Kaeja d’Dance, Toronto

Small Carnival

Commission, trio, 3 min, Ballet Jorgen solos and duets series, Toronto

Love Lyrics

Duet with composer Miguel Frasconi, artists-in-residence, Brock University, St.Catherines, ON



Commission, 9 dancers, YMI Dancing, Scotia Studio Theatre, Toronto



Solo, Older and Reckless, Dancemakers Centre for Creation, Toronto


Krima! ... what a shame

Ensemble of 140 people.

Young Centre for Performing Arts Toronto,
City Art Centre Hamilton


First Steps

Duet with composer Miguel Frasconi at Somewhere There Toronto

Grampa's Shoes

Mad Video Salon festival, Toronto

Silent Duet for Dance and Piano

Yokohama DanceVideo Festival, Japan 


Commission Louis LabergeCote, research for creation of full evening solo work 

Stories of the Body

Collaboration, artistic director Snjezana Premus, Llubjana, Slovenia



Quartet, Intergalactic Collective and Trinity St.Pauls Centre, TAC DANCE

Steel solo remount

Months of Dance Festival, Theatre Argo, Athens, Greece


Nine Bronze Pieces remount

With Evergreen Club Gamelan, Harbourfront Theatre Toronto


For 100 performers, coop with Booze Cooperativa, Yelp!, Enniamorpho, Athens, Greece 

Harbour Symphony

Commission, 40 scouts, 12 ships, composer Rob Power and  LuckyDuckProductions for Patras European Cities of Culture 


Ongoing experiments: varied mixes of dance, media and text Tokyo, Jakarta, Athens, Montreal


8 inventions for many dancers: commission for graduation concert, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore


 Memory Project phase two

Experiments: varied sites February, November, December, Toronto

Papoutsia: Shoe Show

Commission, Hanafi , 9 videos installations, Yogyakarta Bienale, & Jakarta Arts Centre, Indonesia

One Thin Line

Commission, 25min design/sound M.Heppner, Kreativitet Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Indonesia

Faux Pas

Director Mariela Nestora, Yelp! Films, Athens, Greece



Commission/collaboration with Eniamorpho Dance Co & the Athens Olympic’s Arts festival. 

The boat ballet commission, Toronto Wade Festival/YYZ gallery, for canoes, 12 performers, 8 miniature schooners Together collaboration: duet with cellist Kye Marshall, Distillery Jazz Festival, Dancemakers, Toronto.


The Memory Project

Commission Shared Habitat Festival: Dance and Biology. 
Dance,design,camera,text: Maxine Heppner

Music: R.W.Stevenson, Rick Sachs,
Video-editing: Motria Sabat,
Dancers Jessica Runge,, Susan Lee, Luis Laberge-Cote
Distillery Jazz collaboration with Kaeja d’Dance: music: Sonoma, and St. Dirt Elementary School Band

Distillery Jazz

Collaboration with Kaeja d’Dance: music: Sonoma, and St. Dirt Elementary School Band, 7 dancers (Toronto Distillery Jazz Festival, Distillery Arts Complex)

Gong 1,2

Two duets,
Choreography, design: Maxine Heppner,
Music: Mark Duggan, Maxine Heppner
Gong 1 at Older and Reckless, Toronto,
Gong 2 at Before During After festival, Toronto


9 Bronze Pieces

International co-production with Indonesia. 3 dancers, 7 musicians. 
Premieres: Taman Budaya Baru, Yogyakarta; Betty Oliphant Theatre, Toronto.
Dance, design: Maxine Heppner, 
Music: Mark Duggan 

North of Java

Sakti international co-production with Indonesia: 7 dancers, 13 minutes.
Dance, design: Maxine Heppner,
Music: Andrew Timar
Premieres: Teatr Utan Kayu, Jakarta; 
                     duMaurier Theatre, Toronto


The Windows Project

Commission, Singapore Substation.
Direction,design,text: MaxineHeppner
Concept: Maxine Heppner with Lim Fei Shen
Painting: Hanafi,
Interdisciplinary installation & performance, 3 performers, 55 minutes

Studies for Distance #7

Dance: Maxine Heppner with Jessica Runge
Painting: Hanafi,
Music: R.W. Stevenson, 3 performers
16 minutes (Dancemakers, Toronto)
Producers: AtHOME festival and Older&Reckless

Seated Man

Across Oceans with New Pacific Studios,
Choreography, design, music by Maxine Heppner
Solo, 7 minutes (Takara Sake House, Berkeley, California)



Duets for dance and piano, music John Sharpley, dance Maxine Heppner, Montreal


Steel Dance Dimensions Projects

Commission, choreography,design,music by Maxine Heppner, 
9 performers, 45 minutes The Drama Centre, Singapore

Gold Wall

Design, photography, costumes by Maxine Heppner, music by R.W.Stevenson.
5 performers, 40 minutes Dancemakers Studio, Toronto 

Steel Solo

Design and music by Maxine Heppner, solo, 18 minutes, (Dancemakers Studio, Toronto) 


Biru Night

Collaboration, visual artist Hanafi, solo & crickets, 15 minutes (Galeri Puzzle, Jakarta, Indonesia)

Stone patch

Across Oceans, 4-part installation, performance/design Maxine Heppner Albion Hills, Toronto



2 installations, design by Hanafi, performance by Maxine Heppner, photography by Cylla von Tiedemann, (The Art Centre, Bandung & outdoors, Kolam Depok, Indonesia)

My past follows like a dragon’s tail, part 2

Yvonne Ng Commission, design Maxine Heppner, music Maxine Heppner & M.Frasconi, solo, 12 min
(Danceworks-Toronto, CanadaDanceFestival’98, Dancing on the Edge’98,Substation-Singapore)

Fine dancing

Movement director, director Vilsoni Heroniko (Netpac productions, Honolulu, Hawaii)

Passacaglia for snow

Across Oceans , dance/design by Maxine Heppner, music by John Sharpley, duet: dancer & pianist,
22 min, Music Gallery, Toronto touring to 2003:USA, EU, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, HongKong


J’ai perdu les paroles #2

Commission Indonesia International Dance Festival, design by Maxine Heppner, music by Lawrence Shragge, 9 performers, 23 minutes (Graha Bhakti Budaya, TIM, Jakarta, Indonesia)

My past follows like a dragon’s tail, part 1

Commission,Yvonne Ng, design by Maxine Heppner, music by J.S. Bach,  solo, 15 minutes (Gedung Kesenian, Jakarta, Indonesia)

For Hanafi 3

Sets by Hanafi, costume by Maxine Heppner, solo, 51 minutes (TIM gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia)


Aneh Tapi Nyata

With The Evergreen Club Gamelan, sextet, 14 minutes DuMaurier Theatre, Toronto

Necklace Legacy

With sculptor Susan Beniston, 10 performers, 57 minutes Artspace, Peterborough, Ontario


J’ai perdu les paroles #1,

Music traditional Batak, 12 performers, 22 minutes LADMMI, Montreal

Heron Under Observation

Design by M.Heppner, music by Andrew Timar, solo, 8 minutes Bali Arts Festival, Indonesia 


Garden of the guns

Evergreen Club, 15 performers, 10 minutes Dances for a Small Stage,The Rivoli, Toronto

In Xanadu

Collaboration with director Larry Reed, Shadowlight Theatre (Theatre Artaud, San Francisco, tour USA).

The Garden Project

Guest choreographer/performer, artistic directors: Bill James, Peter Chin (Bloc16 Project Toronto)



Collaboration, R. Cooper, septet, 25 minutes (Gamelan Sekar Jaya San Francisco, Bali tours)


Design/script M. Heppner, music E.Cadesky, trioWinchester Street Theatre, Toronto, CDF Ottawa

Tuesday Nights

Collaboration, Ruth Zaporah, director, solo/ensemble improvisation (Action Theatre)

The Big Big Improv weekly

ZAP Productions, Berkeley and San Francisco, USA


Tyger, Tyger

Commission Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre for “Songs of Innocence and Experience” . 7 dancers, 5 minutes (Premier Dance Theatre, Toronto)

Traviata Quartet

Commission York University Dance Ensemble, music Giuseppe Verdi, York University, Toronto)

Ten Small Deaths

Design and script by M. Heppner, music by Miguel Frasconi, solo, 50 minutes (Gedung Kesenian, a.k.a. ”…DAILY” Jakarta, Indonesia; Canadian‘92 premiere give us this day our DAILY, DuMaurier Theatre, Toronto

To Secure an Abode

Commission, 19 dancers, 20 minutes (Ballet Sumber Cipta, Gedung Kesenian, Jakarta,Indonesia)


Commission, music M. Heppner, seven dancers, 16 minutes (Ballet Sumber Cipta, Gedung Kesenian,


With Phyzikal Theatre Company, design, script and music by the company, directed by Trish Lamie, guest artists Nobuo Kubota, Jan Kudelka and Bruce Pitkin The Theatre Centre, Toronto


Masa in de col col groun’

Score and design by M. Heppner, solo, 12 minutes (Theatre Resource Centre, Toronto)


Commission, music NicholasHockin, sculpture S.Beniston, 7dancers, 23’ Dancemakers Toronto

Come into the forest

Collaboration with Peter Chin, produced by the Singapore International Fringe Festival, music concept by Peter Chin, 15 performers (Empress Place, Singapore)

Four Small Deaths Section #1

By Holly Small, Sections #2-4 by M. Heppner, music by Oswald, Frasconi, Verdi solo, 15 minutes (Hong Kong Academy of Arts, Hong Kong)


Into Limbo

Commission by Susan Beniston, sculpture by Susan Beniston, music by Eric Cadesky and Ahmed Hassan, 19 dancers, 65 minutes (31 Portland Street Warehouse, Toronto, in association with the Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre)

Edvard’s Scream

Phyzikal Theatre Co, directed by David Fox, design by Mary Kerr, script by the company, music by Robert W. Stevenson The Theatre Centre, Toronto (Dora Award)



Music by Verdi, solo, four minutes ArtSpace, Peterborough

Queen’s Entrails

Phyzikal Theatre Co, design& script the company, music R.W.Stevenson Theatre Centre, Toronto. 

ByeBye LVB

Commission, design by M. Heppner, music by L. V. Beethoven, vocal score by M. Heppner, sextet & piano, eight minutes (Claude Watson School for the Arts, Cringhan Hall, Toronto)


Flesh and Clay

Phyzikal Theatre Co, directed by D. Fox, design by Jerrard Smith, script by the company, music by E. Cadesky and Bill Gilliam, two hours Toronto Free Theatre (Dora award)


Phyzikal Theatre Co, design and script by the company, music by Andy Stochansky and M. Heppner, one hour, 30 minutes Bathurst Street Theatre, Toronto

Hand Studies

Sculpture by Susan Beniston, trio and six hands, 20 minutes Pavlychenko Studio, Toronto



Phyzikal Theatre Co, directed by D. Fox, music by R. W. Stevenson, design and script by the company, one hour, 30 minutes The Theatre Centre at the Poor Alex, Toronto

Husha Husha

Phyzikal Theatre Co, design, script and music by the company, The Music Gallery Toronto


Music by E. Cadesky, 18 dancers, 5.5” Claude Watson School for the Arts Toronto


Choreo & Design M. Heppner, music E. Cadesky, 10 dancers Claude Watson School, Toronto


Precious Legacies

Commission Royal Ontario Museum, design M. Heppner, traditional music, 6dancers, 22 minutes. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

No Pleasure

Commission, design, and music by Eva Everything, MuchMusic Video, Toronto


Commission MusicGallery, music Miguel Frasconi, 8 dancers 3 musicians, INDE’85 fest Toronto


Design by M. Heppner, music by Bill Gilliam & Meredith Monk, duet in five parts, fifth part originally premiered at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 55 minutes (St. Michael’s College Theatre, Toronto)


Brahms Requiem

Commission by Koffler Chamber Choir, conducted by P. Bodkin, 6 dancers and choir, (4th movement)

Bloor Street United Church, Toronto


Commission music A.Kaplan, 25 dancers and choir, 45 minutes Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto


Chichester Psalms

Music Leonard Bernstein, 12 dancers Koffler Chamber Choir, 20” Leah Posluns Theatre, Toronto


Text M. Heppner, music Bob Dylan, four dancers, 16” University College Playhouse Toronto


Once upon a time

Danceworks production, music by Lawrence Shragge, four principal and eight supporting

In high places...

Dancers, 19 minutes Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto

Jigsaw Puzzle

Text & design M. Heppner, music Beau Dommage, solo, 12” University College Playhouse Toronto


Music R.W. Stevenson, improvisational design nightly by invited artists, 7dancers, 10” University College Playhouse, Toronto

E. B. White’s Door

Design music M.Heppner, text E.B.White, 4 dancers 1actor, 17’ UC Playhouse, Toronto

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Selected Earlier Work

Selected Earlier Work



Design : M. Heppner, folk music, 6 dancers, 18 min. Palmerston Library Theatre, Toronto



Script & design: M. Heppner, duet, 8 min. Poor Alex Theatre, CanadaDanceFestival, Toronto



Ace Buddies Prods, music: Andrew Timar, duet, 10 min. Leah Posluns Theatre, Toronto


Ace Buddies Productions, solo, 12 min. Leah Posluns Theatre, Toronto

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