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J'ai perdu les paroles

Description of work

In what situations of life do words fail us? 

When we have no words, what do we do so we can understand?

and the experiences beyond words? all movement-sound -light?

In 1994 Maxine was living and working in languages that she spoke well and many languages she did not. These questions underlaid most of her creative choices of that time. She brought them to the forefront creating this work with dancers of the Kreativitet ensemble when artist-in-residence for the Indonesia International Festival. The enquiry continued in two other language environments -  in Across Oceans' Toronto iterations and in Montreal through a LADMMI commission. 


J'ai perdu les paroles: Credits


Maxine Heppner


Kreativitet dance company

    (Jakarta, Indonesia International Dance Festival Commission 1994)


Chendra Panatan (guest artist Indonesia)

Fiona Drinnan

Jessica Runge

Susan Lee

Miko Sobreira,

Pam Johnson

Erin Dace Trudell

    (Toronto Canada, Across Oceans production 1995)

LADMMI ensemble

    (Montreal Canada 1996)


           Lawrence Shragge

Costume design

           Farida Oetoyo and Maxine Heppner


            Cylla von Tiedemann

Thanks to

Kreativitet Indonesia, Institut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ) Farida Oetoyo, Sal Murgyanto, Guismiati Suid

Elizabeth Langley, David Irons, The Music Gallery (Toronto) Linda Rabin, LADMMI (Montreal)

Canadian High Commission Jakarta, The Ontario Arts Council, The Canada Council for the Arts

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