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“Wow…dance that springs from inspiration of brain and nerve impulse is just exactly ‘natural dance and media’ !!!  This message gets through to audience, very good and very clear !”

Naoto Iina, 

Dance-Media Japan, Tokyo 2006

description of work

KISS : Description of Work

KISS: an experiment for body and mind

When was the last time?
What do you remember?
What would you like someone else to remember?

What is a KISS?  A perfect moment when all desires, needs and dreams become one. No two kisses are the same. In our KISS the Kissed is full of the experience of past kisses. A good kiss is never lost! Her memory is so bright that the audience can even see the past in front of them. Dancer Takako Segawa is the Kissed in physical here-and-now time. Maxine Heppner performs her shadow mind through manipulation of words and video. Every kiss is a new experience, is it not? So we approach each performance of KISS as an experiment for body and mind.


KISS: Credits

Director / Choreographer

Maxine Heppner 

The Kissed: Dancer

Takako Segawa

Shadow of her Mind

Maxine Heppner


Ellen Band, Robert W. Stevenson


Christos Giotis, Maxine Heppner, Motria Sabat (cameras)

Louis Laberge-Côté (dancer)

Produced by

Across Oceans Arts and Maxine Heppner • Dances


“Vernissage” Studio 303 Montreal
“Months of Dance Festival” Athens Greece
“Dance-Media Japan” Tokyo Japan
“Lasalle College for the Arts” Singapore
“Sumber Cipta” Jakarta Indonesia

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Many thanks to


Naoto Iina, Bianca Pulungan, Farida Oetoyo, Teti Nikolopoulou


and the support of

The Canada Council for the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council, and the Embassy of Canada in Japan.

media gallery

KISS: Media gallery

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