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One Fine Line

description of work

One Fine Line: Description of work

One Fine Line
Commission “Kreativitet Indonesia”

Jakarta Indonesia, 2005.

This is a dance concerned with Memory. Maxine has been investigating this theme for several years, even working with a renowned neurobiology researcher to understand how we process experiences – millions of synaptic actions per moment storing information deep in our physical cellular structures.

The dance portrays people suspended on the line between being caught in intense pasts and being able to return to everyday life. On this line individuals become physically vulnerable, hardened or empty. The community around them must support the individuals in a time of delicate balance, and also help itself to move forward to more stability. This piece, in development for sometime now, and applicable to many aspects of the human condition, seems particularly relevant in the aftermath of the tsunami disasters, when entire communities are having to come to terms with huge losses and move on with their lives.


This premiere of One Fine Line continues Maxine’s long relationship with the contemporary Indonesia arts community begun in 1989. Maxine continues to be inspired by the many fine people she has collaborated with including the late Guismiati Suid, visual artist Hanafi, Adinda Luthvianti, I Wayan Dibia, the generous people of Kreativitet and particularly her friend and creative support, Farida Oetoyo.


One Fine Line: Credits


Maxine Heppner 


Bianca S.Pulungan
Susi Mariah
Ann Bella Nyo
Galih Estiramayani
Jasmine Kamaratih
Sekar Arum Nirmala

Produced by

Kreativitet Indonesia under the artistic direction of Farida Oetoyo
at the Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, May 2005

With thanks

For support of Ms. Heppner’s travel by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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