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PAH: 8 Inventions for Many Dancers

“ “Pah: 8 inventions” …was an exciting showcase. Exploring the concept of cycles in life…performed in a staggered series of actions, with each group of people echoing the previous one, the dance effectively underlined its theme of eternal recurrence. The 16 dancers…emanated personality and seemed to be having a ball.” 

June Cheong, Singapore Straits Time, April 14, 2006

description of work

PAH: 8 Inventions for Many Dancers

Description of work

Contemporary dance ensemble work for 16 performers.


Commission: Lasalle College for the Arts, Singapore 2006.

In a one-month residency Maxine Heppner introduced her “cycles” practice to the Dance Department of Lasalle College. She had been invited to emphasize the aspect of her work that practices harnessing dance energy as an infinite force to shape and pattern choreographic invention. Central to the creation process are infinity patterns, the basic one being the figure 8. “Pah” is Chinese for 8 and so the title of the 8 inventions that were performed by the dance ensemble in the spring concert series.


PAH: 8 Inventions for Many Dancers - Credits


Maxine Heppner 

Choreographic assistant

Takako Segawa




Dance Ensemble of Lasalle College of the Arts

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