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Steel Solo

Description of work

Solo dance with rebar set pieces and one still figure.

2 versions: 8 min, 14 min.

premiere: Dancemakers, Toronto 1999

Contrasting Elements. Industrial-Natural.

A floor maze of shining metal rebar poles. A live vocal breath-score revealing the inner life of the woman.


Steeling herself to back through the steel maze, the woman manages to weave within the inhospitable environment with movement as sinuous as vines.


Steel Solo: Credits

Choreographer / performer

Maxine Heppner 

Design & Breath Score

    Maxine Heppner


Dancemakers Centre, Toronto 1999
Takara Sake House Berkeley California 2001
Canada Dance Festival Ottawa 2002
Months of Dance Athens Greece 2007

With Thanks to

ECNAD Singapore for early inspirations.

Elizabeth Langley for rehearsal assistance.

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