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Stone Patch 2

Stone Patch 2


Albion Hills Provincial Park, Ontario Canada, 1999

Description of work

4 site-specific cross-disciplinary interventions outdoors in the Albion Hills provincial park north of Toronto Canada.


It was a central response in Studies for Distance, a 7-year correspondence, creation and performance process between Maxine and Indonesian visual artist Hanafi and his studio of collaborators. Their first interaction was in 1996 at the TIM galleries Jakarta where Maxine added the live human element to Hanafi’s installation of huge paintings, stones, grasses, water and colour.

Stonepatch in the Albion Hills associated the elements of the original “stonepatch” to the 4 seasons: 

Autumn: dry grasses and nomadic migrations;

Winter: white stained with colours of human intervention;

Spring: emergence of mud and stones;

Summer: sultry river waters and frog song.


Stone Patch 2: Credits


Maxine Heppner (dance - theatre)

Corrin Adams (dance - theatre)

Dahlia Sternberg  (dance - theatre)

Kate Hollet (painting)

Cylla von Tiedemann (photography)

Fran Beer (literature)

Tim Whiten (sculpture)

Susie Lake (mixed media)

Andrew Timar (music)

with guests at each season and open to the public 

Thanks to

           Kate Hollett for her spirit and her house,


           Cylla von Tiedemann for her energy and encouragement


           The Laidlaw Foundation for financial support and understanding

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Stone Patch: Winter : Media gallery

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