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November 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Performed on the streets of Ljubljana, the special feature of Unauthorized is a collective experience achieved by the reversal of roles and functions usually attributed to us in the area between art and the mundane. For example: a passer-by becomes a performer, a performer becomes a spectator, a photographer transforms into a performer, etc. Indeed, the layering of views, perspectives and frames results in the formation of productive and expressive distances that, with a shift of focus, attribute things, people and situations with new experiences and meanings.

Unauthorized is an empirical artwork that could be related to Brecht’s “learning plays”, not produced to be staged but rather staged so as to generate a spectator-actor experience in order to create conditions for a self-narrative. Unauthorized is an artwork created by all of us. Together. So that we might re-think ourselves.


Unauthorized: Credits

Authors and Performers

Snjezana Premus
Gregor Kaminkar
Andreja Podrzavnik 
Mariela Nestora
Maxine Heppner

Aleksander Ostan, lead architect

Marcandrea, photography


Zavod Federacija Ljubljana 

In collaboration with

EPK Maribor
Yelp! dance
Across Oceans Arts

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Unauthorized: Media gallery

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