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Updated: Jan 19

THE CHOREOGRAPHIC MARATHON exchange and creation intensive

for established & emerging movement artists > Toronto 2021

PROPOSE at > <

for artists creating new work in all forms of movement arts

May 22, 23, 24, 2021 > in person (or online if necessary)

P.R.E.P. challenging work challenging artists

tell us who you are what you are working on with whom what the challenge is

for all people in process of challenging their formulas > online March 2021 > dates tba

Our lean machine wouldn't mind being a little more plump.


The Choreographic Marathon is supported in part by the Toronto Arts Council, Across Oceans Angels and in partnership with Pia Bouman Studios.

P.R.E.P was first seeded by TAC's Open Doors projects. In its 4th year it is produced outside of formal support on the wings of angels and labour of artists.

Across Oceans Arts, since 1996, facilitates artistic exchange between all people and communities across arts, humanities, generations, backgrounds and heritages.