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COMING ! ...and still SUSPended

MAXINE's upCOMING projects

Jan 15 2023 _ 2's _Maxine Heppner & Takako Segawa dancing

to celebrate this work with Tedd Robinson info & tickets

in creation:

Deep Songs: with Sashar Zarif, Jessica Runge, Mafa Makhubalo, Takako Segawa Alhambra: for Ballet Jorgen Pillow&Wood: with Studio Hanafi

Legacies: with a New Ensemble of new generation interpreters (enquire to audition!) and Louis Laberge-Côté, Susan Lee, Takako Segawa and Jessica Runge

SUSPENDED since C19 > touching ground again!


In the Middle of a Smile - Jan 2024


Parang-Cuts - tbd


Canary, Progress festival tbd

(photo: Mark Rabe)

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