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canaries are flying - action needed

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

WHAT WE DID IN THESE LONGEST NIGHTS - Dec 16-Dec 27, 2019 24/7 FROM THE COMFORT OF OUR OWN DEVICES IN OUR OWN TIME climate change theatre action

Join the Cry. Step 1: turn your device to sound recorder Step 2 : open this metronome url set it to 78bpm press play Step 3 : open this TEXT url scroll to the first line highlighted in yellow (read my director's notes if you want to) Step 4 : press record on your sound recorder to record your first reading. Step 5 : read Hanna Cormick's text "Canary". Don't worry if you pause, slip over a word, cough, clear your throat, etc. this is part of your reading...and hearing. The text takes about 6-9 minutes to read. It's worth it. A shorter version url has a slightly different punch, takes about 1-2 minutes and also worth it. Do one or both. Step 6 : save the recording. name it < your name > and < action now > Step 7: immediately share your recording with us here and with 1, 2, as many people you want to, as a public post or personal message, through whatever way you share. If you want, invite them to join the action too by doing their own recording and adding to the canaries' cry.

"I am standing here for a body that cannot stand here...and the sunny flicker of the canary in its cage." Canaries are used in coal mines to warn miners of air contamination. Their tiny bodies feel the contamination first. When the canaries stop singing the miners know they must evacuate. In Hanna's text many canaries have managed to get free but...)

By the way, AOA does not believe in English hegemony. If you do not speak English, or prefer not to speak it, please read the text in the way you want. Your voice reading a language that isn't yours' is a huge message in itself. Still you will likely want to know what you are reading or you might want to read in your mother tongue so if online translation is not good, do ask for us to get a translation for you.

The Time for Action is Now (TTAN) is a part of Across Oceans Arts' 7 days of creation programs. TTAN is a response to The Arctic Cycles' Climate Change Theatre Action url

Some information on a few groups, networks, and organizations dedicated to Climate Action are here opportunities for arms-length (sign petitions, donate) and hands-on involvement (volunteer, share info, etc), and information on what to do personally, communally and globally. Every amount of involvement is invaluable.

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