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Time for Action is Now

"not because we are good" Across Oceans Arts’ 3rd climate change theater action(CCTA), this Nov 26, 2021 with Changent Zero. Online. 6 plays from the CCTA’s 2021 international commissions by David Finnigan (Australia), Paula Cizmar(USA), NIcolas Bilon (Canada), Camila Le-bert (Chile), Yvette Nolan (Algonquin), Chris Thorpe (UK). Performed by Cavan Young, Lynann Outram, Lynne Stewart, Sheri Dewling-Nolan, Rick Monaco, Liliane de Vries, Al Lauzon, Leslie Tan, Shannon Kitchings, Michael Holt, Todd Porter, Tara Chrichton, Peter Smith.

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